Top 10 fishing spots in Cumbria and the Lake District

Here are the top 10 fishing spots in Cumbria and the Lake District:

  1. Derwent Water
  2. Coniston Water
  3. Ullswater
  4. Windermere
  5. Buttermere
  6. Grasmere
  7. Thirlmere
  8. Crummock Water
  9. Bassenthwaite Lake
  10. Haweswater

These lakes and waters are known for their abundance of trout, pike, perch and other fish species.

However, it’s important to note that fishing in these waters may require a fishing license and be subject to regulations, so check with local authorities before heading out.

Additionally, some of these lakes are surrounded by stunning natural scenery, making them popular tourist destinations.

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