With its well-manicured trails and breathtaking views of Grasmere, Elterwater, Windermere, and the Langdale Fells, Loughrigg Fell is the perfect destination for novice walkers seeking an exciting challenge.

Grasmere from Loughrigg Terrace - - 3707279View of Grasmere from Loughrigg Terrace

On your journey, you’ll encounter rocky formations and small bodies of water, so pack a delicious picnic while taking in the stunning scenery.

Start your hike from the end of the car park and follow the path towards the river and Loughrigg Terrace.

Cross the river using the wooden footbridge at Grid Ref NY 347 063 and keep going straight, not left, through the woodland along the marked path for Loughrigg Terrace.

When you reach Grid Ref NY 348 060, turn left onto the well-maintained gravel path called Loughrigg Terrace, which offers scenic views of Grasmere.

At Grid Ref NY 342 056, take a left onto the stepped way that will bring you to the summit at Grid Ref NY 347 050.

Once there, take some time to explore the surroundings, which boast hidden tarns amidst the rocky landscape, and have a picnic with a fantastic view.

Estimated Total Time: 2 hours (for ascent and descent)

Ideal for: Individuals who are in moderate physical condition as adults and older children are capable of managing without additional support. However, younger children may require extra assistance.

This guide should help you plan a safe, enjoyable, easy fell walk on Loughrigg.

Remember to respect the environment and always put safety first. Happy hiking!

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