Cat Bells

The unique form of Cat Bells, with its rolling ridge, makes it a sought-after destination for tourists visiting the Lake District and seasoned local hikers.

Cat Bells - - 2332581Cat Bells

This mountain sits beside Derwent Water, offering stunning views of the lake and the town of Keswick to those who reach its peak.

Although the trail is rated as medium-difficulty, some novices may find the initial ascent steep, and a minor amount of rock-hopping is required.

Start your journey at NY 246 211 and tackle the steep but rewarding ascent up the stepped path.

The straightforward route to the top requires some scrambling over rocks, but the views from the summit make it all worth it.

Soak in the panoramic vista of Derwentwater before continuing straight on for your descent.

At the crossroads at Grid Ref NY 244 191, take a left onto the bridleway, a popular and accessible route in the Lake District.

The path then winds its way down the mountain and follows along the base of the mountain before bringing you back to the starting point at the car park.

Estimated Total Time: 3 hours (for ascent and descent)

Ideal for: Individuals with moderate fitness levels, as well as older children, are suitable for this activity.

This guide should help you plan a safe, enjoyable, medium-difficulty fell walk on Cat Bells.

Remember to respect the environment and always put safety first. Happy hiking!

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