Lords Seat

This fell is considered one of the simplest in our “Medium” level, mainly due to its gradual incline along a road managed by the Forestry Commission.

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On Lords Seat

However, it’s a lengthy hike, which is why it’s rated as medium difficulty.

Keep an eye out for deer in the forest, and brace yourself for windy conditions on the summit.

Starting from the Spout Force car park, embark on a journey through the fells via the Forestry Commission road.

At around one mile from the car park, you’ll come across a crossroads at Grid Ref NY 191 260, where you should proceed straight ahead.

The road continues to serpentine through the forest, with occasional clearings offering views of the surrounding hills.

After about two miles, take a path that branches off to the left of the road at Grid Ref NY 206 262.

The path may get rough as you ascend through the forest, with some sections being particularly boggy, so proceed with caution.

Finally, after navigating the boggy terrain, you will reach a well-trodden path where you should turn left.

This path will take you to the summit at Grid Ref NY 204 265, where you can bask in the panoramic views of the northwest fells and the Solway Coast.

Estimated Total Time: 4 hours (for ascent and descent)

Ideal for: Individuals with moderate fitness levels, as well as older children, are suitable for this activity.

This guide should help you plan a safe, enjoyable, medium-difficulty fell walk on Lords Seat.

Remember to respect the environment and always put safety first. Happy hiking!

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