Scale Hill and Crummock Water Loop

Scale Hill and Crummock Water Loop is a stunning walking (1-2 hours with young children) route in the Lake District National Park, England.

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The walk takes you through the rolling hills and along the beautiful Crummock Water, offering spectacular views and plenty of opportunities for exploration.

Older Kids, Younger Children Requiring Help, Infants and Tots in Carrier Devices, All-Purpose Strollers with Two Caregivers.

The Scale Hill and Crummock Water Loop is a beautiful and challenging hike in the Lake District.

Here is a step-by-step guide to the family-friendly Scale Hill and Crummock Water Loop walk in the Lake District:

  1. Preparation: Before starting your walk, ensure you have the right equipment, including comfortable and sturdy shoes, waterproof clothing, a hat and sunglasses, and a map and compass. Also, check the weather forecast and let someone know your plans.

  2. Travel to the Start Point: The starting point for the Scale Hill and Crummock Water Loop is the National Trust car park located in Buttermere. You can reach this car park by car or bus.

  3. Start the Walk: From the car park, follow the signs for Scale Hill. The first part of the walk takes you through fields and pastureland, with views of the surrounding hills and mountains.

  4. Reach Scale Hill: After approximately 1 hour of walking, you will reach Scale Hill, a hill with great views of Crummock Water and the surrounding area.

  5. Continue Around Crummock Water: From Scale Hill, continue to follow the path around Crummock Water. The path takes you through wooded areas, along the shoreline of Crummock Water, and past small waterfalls and streams.

  6. Return to the Car Park: After you’ve completed the loop around Crummock Water, return to the car park the way you came.


  • There are no public toilets along the way, so be sure to go before starting your walk.
  • There is a small café located in Buttermere which sells refreshments.


  • Parking is available at the National Trust car park in Buttermere with a grid reference of NY 149 215. However, National Trust members with a valid parking pass are eligible for free parking.
  • There is a charge for using the car park, so be sure to bring some coins with you.

Suitable For: This walk is ideal for families with children of all ages, as it is relatively easy with well-maintained paths.

Time: Allow approximately 4 hours for the walk, including breaks.

Terrain: The path around Crummock Water is well-maintained, with some gentle inclines and declines.

Distance: The total distance of the walk is approximately 12 km (7.5 miles).

Note: This walk is a great way to explore the beauty of the Lake District and take in the stunning scenery of Crummock Water and the surrounding hills. Enjoy the journey!

Here are some tips to make the most out of your Scale Hill and Crummock Water Loop walk:

  1. Dress appropriately: The weather in the Lake District can be changeable, so be sure to bring warm layers, waterproof clothing, and sturdy shoes.

  2. Start early: This walk can get busy, so starting early will ensure you have plenty of space to enjoy the walk and take in the sights.

  3. Take breaks: There’s no need to rush the walk, so take your time and enjoy the scenery. There are plenty of picnic spots along the way where you can sit, rest, and recharge.

  4. Please stay on the path: The path is well-marked, but it’s essential to keep on the trail to protect the natural surroundings and ensure the safety of everyone on the walk.

  5. Explore the Crummock Water: Crummock Water is a stunning lake surrounded by rolling hills, and it’s a highlight of the walk. Take a moment to stop and enjoy the view, and even picnic by the water’s edge.

  6. Learn about the history: The Lake District has a rich history, and plenty of signs and information boards tell the story of the area and its past.

  7. Take photos: Remember to snap some pictures to remember your walk. There are plenty of photo opportunities along the way, so have your camera ready.

We hope this guide helps you make the most of your Scale Hill and Crummock Water Loop walk.

Enjoy your adventure and enjoy exploring this beautiful Lake District part!

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