Old Man of Coniston

The Old Man of Coniston is a popular fell walk in the Lake District, offering challenging terrain and breathtaking views.

Trig Point on Coniston Old Man - - 1541292

Trig Point on Coniston Old Man

Here is a guide to walking the Old Man of Coniston:

  1. Start your journey from the car park and follow the northbound track that steadily climbs through the hills.

  2. As you reach Grid Ref SD 284 981, the way will make a sudden turn to the left and take you through an eerie old quarry with abandoned buildings that add to its spooky ambience during rainy weather.

  3. Next, the track will take you to Low Water and veer left before zigzagging up to the summit, marked by a cairn.

  4. From there, a path extends over the summit to the north, branching off at SD 271 979, where you should take the left fork.

  5. This leads you to Goat’s Hawse, where you turn left. At the crossroads at SD 265 982, make another left onto the path that heads south, passing Goat’s Water and beyond to Walna Scar Road, another old quarry track.

  6. To complete your journey, turn left onto Walna Scar Road and follow it back to the car park.

Before walking, it is essential to be prepared and equipped with appropriate footwear, clothing and navigation equipment.

It is also necessary to check the weather forecast and ensure you are familiar with the route and any potential hazards.

Please note that this walk is not suitable for young children, babies, or toddlers, and it is recommended only for adults and teenagers who have a good level of fitness.

The route may include steep inclines and rough terrain, so it’s important to assess your abilities before embarking on the walk.

When it comes to parking for your walk, there are a few options available.

The most convenient option is to park at the start of the route at Grid Ref SD 288 970.

This parking is located at the end of a narrow lane, accessed via Station Road in Coniston.

Alternatively, if the parking at the start of the route is full, there is also parking available in Coniston.

Please be mindful of any parking restrictions in the area, and make sure to park in a designated area to avoid fines or inconvenience to residents.

And remember to take note of your parking location so you can easily find your way back to your vehicle after your walk.

This starting point “SD 288 970,” specifies a location in the northwest quadrant of the grid.

End of the car park, an old quarry track leads to the right, heading north, there is a car park near the grid reference, and from the end of that car park, a track that was once used to access quarry branches off to the right and goes in a northerly direction.

The Old Man of Coniston is a challenging walk, but it is also one of the most rewarding walks in the Lake District.

Its stunning views and rugged terrain make it a must-do for anyone visiting the area.

So plan your trip today and discover the beauty of the Old Man of Coniston for yourself.

Estimated Total Time: 5 hours (for ascent and descent)

Ideal for: Adults and teenagers with good physical fitness.

Remember to respect the environment and always put safety first. Happy hiking!

Disclaimer: Please note that every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided at the time of writing.However, it is essential to verify the information carefully before making any decisions based on the contents of this article.