Grasmoor is a stunning mountain located in the Lake District, UK.

Grasmoor (2) - - 690406


Its rugged terrain, steep inclines, and stunning vistas make it the perfect destination for experienced hikers and walkers looking for a challenging adventure.

The starting point for your journey is indicated by the grid reference “NY 158 208,” located within the British National Grid system.

Located slightly north of the car park, you will find a track that leads across the grass before reaching a cattle grid.

This track is located opposite a farm.

From this point, another path leads up the fell, and this is the path you will need to follow.

Here’s a guide to help you plan your hard fell walk on Grasmoor.

  • Plan your route: Grasmoor is a complex mountain with several trails.

Begin at the car park and take the northbound track, gradually ascending through the hills.

At Grid Ref SD 284 981, the way will make a sharp left turn and wind through an old quarry surrounded by abandoned buildings, giving it a creepy atmosphere during inclement weather.

Continue on the track to reach Low Water, then turn left and zigzag your way up to the summit, marked by a cairn.

From there, follow the path northward over the submit, taking the left fork at SD 271 979.

This will lead you to Goat’s Hawse, where you should turn left. At the crossroads at SD 265 982, turn left again and follow the path south, past Goat’s Water and onto Walna Scar Road, another old quarry track.

Finally, turn left to retrace your steps back to the car park.

Before you set out, take the time to study maps of the area and decide which way you want to take.

Consider factors such as the difficulty of the terrain, the length of the walk, and the views you hope to enjoy along the way.

  • Pack the right gear: A hard fell walk on Grasmoor requires proper footwear, warm and waterproof clothing, a hat and gloves, a first-aid kit, and plenty of food and water.

    Remember a map and compass, and make sure your phone is fully charged in an emergency.

  • Prepare for the weather: The weather on Grasmoor can change quickly and dramatically, so it’s essential to be prepared.

    Check the forecast before you set out, and bring warm and waterproof clothing, even if the prognosis is good.

  • Be aware of the hazards: Grasmoor is a challenging mountain with steep inclines, rocky terrain, and sudden weather changes.

    It’s essential to be mindful of these hazards and to take appropriate safety measures.

    Stay on marked trails, use a map and compass, and be prepared to turn back if conditions become too complicated.

  • Please respect the environment: Grasmoor is a protected area, and it’s essential to respect the natural environment and wildlife.

    Stick to designated trails, take your litter with you, and don’t disturb the local wildlife.

  • Enjoy the experience: Grasmoor is a beautiful and challenging mountain, and the strenuous fell walk is an incredible experience.

Take time to enjoy the views, absorb the environment, and remember to pace yourself.

Estimated Total Time: 1 hour (for ascent and descent)

Ideal for: Adults and teenagers with good physical fitness.

This guide should help you plan a safe, enjoyable, medium-difficulty fell walk on Place Fell.

Remember to respect the environment and always put safety first. Happy hiking!

Disclaimer: Please note that every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided at the time of writing.However, it is essential to verify the information carefully before making any decisions based on the contents of this article.