Brandelhow Bay

Brandelhow Bay is a fantastic destination for families who love the great outdoors and want to experience the natural beauty of the Lake District.

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Here is a step-by-step guide to the family-friendly walk to Brandelhow Bay in the Lake District:

  1. Preparation: Before starting your walk, ensure you have the right equipment, including comfortable and sturdy shoes, waterproof clothing, a hat and sunglasses, and a map and compass. Also, check the weather forecast and let someone know your plans.

  2. Travel to the Start Point: The starting point for the walk to Brandelhow Bay is the car park located at the southern end of Derwentwater, near Keswick. You can reach this car park by car or bus.

  3. Start the Walk: From the car park, follow the signs for the Derwentwater Lakeshore path. This path will take you along the shore of Derwentwater, through woodland and along the shoreline, with stunning views of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

  4. Reach Brandelhow Bay: After approximately 45 minutes of walking, you will reach Brandelhow Bay. This is a small, secluded bay on the shore of Derwentwater, surrounded by trees and a small beach area.

  5. Take a Break: Brandelhow Bay is a great place to stop and have a picnic, swim in the lake or relax and enjoy the scenery.

  6. Return to the Car Park: When ready to head back, retrace your steps along the shore path to the car park.

Time: The walk to Brandelhow Bay and back to the car park takes approximately 2 hours, although this can vary depending on how much time you spend exploring the area and taking in the views.

Terrain: The walk starts on a well-defined path that leads down to the shore of the lake. From there, the path follows the shoreline, with some rocky sections and a few small hills to navigate. The path is well-maintained and easy to follow.

Distance: The round trip from the car park to Brandelhow Bay and back is approximately 4 miles (6.4 km).


  • Public toilets are located in the car park, but no baby-changing facilities exist.
  • There is a small café near the car park which sells refreshments.

Note: This is a relatively easy walk and suitable for young families.

If you have older children or are feeling more adventurous, you can continue to the nearby town of Keswick for a long walk or explore other parts of the Lake District.

Always bring enough food and water for the entire walk, and let someone know your walking plans.

It’s also a good idea to carry a map and compass in case of poor visibility or if you’re exploring the area for the first time.

The Brandelhow Bay walk in the Lake District is a perfect outing for families who want to enjoy the region’s natural beauty.

Regarding parking for your walk to Brandelhow Bay, a few options are available.

The most convenient option is to park on the roadside at the grid reference NY 248 201.

However, parking here is limited, so it’s best to arrive early to secure a spot.

Additionally, there are other parking spaces available at various points along the road, so it may be worth driving a bit further to find a spot.

If you prefer not to drive, you can take the Keswick Launch to High Brandelow and begin the walk there.

Regardless of how you get to the walk’s starting point, make sure to plan, be mindful of parking regulations, and respect the local community by not blocking driveways or causing any inconvenience.

Have a great time on your walk!

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