Borrowdale Loop: Bowder Stone & River Derwent

Borrowdale is a beautiful valley in the Lake District that offers a range of scenic hikes and walks, including the Borrowdale Loop, which takes in the stunning Bowder Stone and River Derwent.

River Derwent, upstream view - - 3410816River Derwent, upstream view

This walk is perfect for dog owners who want to explore the countryside with their fur friends.

Getting There:

The trailhead is located in the village of Seatoller, which is easily accessible by car or public transportation.

From Seatoller, follow the signs for the Borrowdale Loop trailhead near the Honister Pass.

Trail Description:

The Borrowdale Loop is a moderate hike with a gentle ascent along the River Derwent.

The path is well-defined and easy to navigate, making it an excellent option for families and dog owners.

Next, you’ll pass the Bowder Stone, a massive boulder shaped over time by water and wind.

As you continue along the trail, you’ll cross several streams and enjoy breathtaking views of the valley and surrounding hills.

The River Derwent is a great spot for rest and a drink of water; your dog will love playing in the cool, clear water.


  • Be sure to bring plenty of water for you and your dog and snacks to keep your energy levels up.

  • The trail can be wet and muddy in places, so be sure to bring appropriate footwear.

  • Please keep your dog on a leash to ensure their safety and the safety of wildlife in the area.

  • Be prepared for unpredictable weather, as the Lake District is known for its changeable conditions.

  • Remember to pack a picnic or lunch to enjoy by the river!

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a first-time visitor, the Borrowdale Loop is a must-do for dog owners in Borrowdale.

With its stunning views, peaceful setting, and easy-to-navigate path, this walk will surely provide a memorable experience for you and your furry friend.

Estimated Total Time: 2-3 hours with children

Ideal for: Dogs, Children Aged four or Above, Infants in Carriers, Toddlers in Carriers, and All-Terrain Strollers (with two adults available for carrying).

This guide should help you plan a safe, enjoyable, dog friendly fell walk for Borrowdale Loop – Bowder Stone & River Derwent.

Remember to respect the environment and always put safety first. Happy hiking!

Disclaimer: Please note that every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided at the time of writing.However, it is essential to verify the information carefully before making any decisions based on the contents of this article.

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