The Lake District, based in the North of England's beautiful Cumbria, follows on from the typical English Weather structure. In the summer, you can expect temperatures to hit around 20℃'s, and the wintertime sees chilly temperatures around 3℃. 8 hours of daylight is expected around Winter time, with Summer seeing approximately 14 hours.


Jan - Mar: The coldest weather is seen around these times, with Strong possibilities of snow.

Apr - May: A typically dry period, with some showers.

Jun - Aug: Lovely long sunny days around this time are sometimes interrupted with occasional showers, but generally this time of year sees glorious sunny weather.

Sept - Oct: Long days with surprisingly hot and dry weather.

Nov - Dec: Typically the rainy season, although recent years have also seen winters becoming generally colder with a stronger emphasis on snow

Because of the mountains and location of The Lake District, it's commonly referred to as one of Britain's wetter areas. As with the weather throughout England, it can often be unpredictable, with warm summer days quickly turning to cold, wet ones. This does have its benefits however as Lake Districts beautiful scenery soaks the rain to produce stunning lush green surroundings.

If you remember to bring your waterproofs, getting around within The Lake District can be a pleasure, with the option of then sitting in a local pub with a roaring fire and enjoying a cosy night indoors sampling the local food and produce. In the summer days, you can enjoy a wide range of outdoor events including walking and water sports - both of which benefit from glorious sunshine.

During the snowy months, the Lake District glistens in incredible beauty, with ice skating and sledging both common activities to do during this time in the smaller hills and many of the towns in Cumbria. As the snow melts, Spring starts to push its way through, with beautiful fresh coloured flowers blossoming out into the spring air throughout the region. The long summers offer incredible sunsets, long evenings and even some spectacular storms.

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