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  • Potfest in the Pens

    Potfest in the Pens

    Skirsgill Auction Mart Skirsgill Penrith Cumbria

    08th August 2010 • 10:00-to-17:00-00:00-to-00:00


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  • Area And Travel

    Area And Travel

    Lake District has something for everyone. It boasts incredible coastal areas mixed in with beautiful Georgian villages and towns.

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  • Food & Drink

    Food & Drink

    The Lake District is renowned for the wide range of locally brewed beers and ales, with the art of brewing in Cumbria dating back hundreds of years.

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  • Weather


    A roundup of Cumbria's weather patterns and what you can expect to do during the various seasons.

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  • Towns And Villages

    Towns And Villages

    A wide selection of the Towns and Villages within the Lake District, with a small amount of information on what is available.

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